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Welcome to the myicourseTM Learning Center. First things first. No, there is no charge to view or use any of the courses on the Learning Center. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Every course and user manual on the Learning Center site is here to make your job easier. Just click “New User”  in the top right corner of the page and come on in. There is a lot to learn about your Myicourse™ system and we want you to be successful as soon as possible.

 Where should you start? Great question. We suggest that you start with the Overview course to find out the fundamentals of the system. This short “Demo course” will show the basic abilities of the system as they relate to text, PDF, audio, video, images and Flash. Click here to take the overview course.


What's next? We suggest you start your own private or public university, depending on your teaching needs. The public university allows everyone to see your courses. Private universities keep your courses private, just for your learning group. Click here to create your own university.

"What if I want to develop course content?" If you are writing courses, we suggest you take theCreating a course and content.” This course will answer nearly every question you have. After you finish the course, and you still have a problem, you can write us to ask a question. The link for the e-mail, however, is inside the system. Come on in and let’s get started.