Message Board



MyiCourse™ encourages community learning. Sometimes, the community may need to ask questions, make relevant points and communicate with other students. Message boards can help your students communicate and enrich their learning experience. Adding a message board is easy to do with the MyiCourse™ system. Numerous message-board services are available, some of which are free, but include advertising to offset the cost. A small fee can also be paid to remove the advertisements. One example of such a service is BoardHost. They provide a customizable message board that can be linked to your MyiCourse™ site. The message board link can be embedded into any of the pages on the MyiCourse site. To illustrate this technology, we have created this custom menu button for a "Message Board" and embedded the link. To use the message board, please click the link listed below. The link to return to Myicourse is located at the top of the message board page. THE MESSAGE BOARD IS FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES. ACTUAL ASSISTANCE CAN BE OBTAIN BY E-MAILING WITH THE "CONTACT COLLEGE" BUTTON ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PAGE.