Live Video Options


What if I want to put live lectures on the MyiCourse™ system?

MyiCourse™ allows you to take advantage of some of the new, low cost solutions to stream live content to your students. Buy a web cam, obtain an account with a web stream service and then embed your web feed on a custom page. The embedded live stream presentation below is made by nationally syndicated radio host Leo Laporte and streamed free of charge on

This new technology allows you to provide a live lecture on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis to fit your needs. Just post the time of the lecture and let your students login to view. It makes agreat supplement to the structured courses on the site. It also allows you to make quick assignments and pass out new course notes. The details can be found in the lecture on "Streaming Video and other video questions" in the Available Courses button on the left. NOTE: The feed or video may be jerky at times, depending on your system connection and the demands on the LiveStream servers.